How Important Is Video Marketing?

Most likely, you have tried advertising via various platforms, but if you have not attempted to market using video, keep reading.

Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your business or brand online, and learning how to properly optimize can make all the difference.

The largest video site online is YouTube. Aside from the fact that they receive the majority of video traffic, YouTube has many features that can help you promote  your product or service, as well as your website.

How To Create a Captivating Video

The best thing that could happen when you upload your video is for it to go viral.  You want people sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, and on their own YouTube channels.  The only way for this to happen is to make your sales video like a commercial, or to add content that gives a reason to be shared.  Take a moment and try to think of a few commercials that you have seen on TV that are hard to forget.  Usually, I remember commercials that are funny or cute. This is the mindset you should have when creating your video content.

Optimizing Your Video For SEO Success

Optimization for a video is much different than the rules for SEO on a website.  The reason for this is because it is difficult to get a penalty for over-optimization with a YouTube video due to the sites authority.  This means that you can add your keywords once or twice in the title, and then several times throughout the content description. And don’t forget the tags.  I recommend adding your exact keywords as tags, and then a couple general keywords that are related, broad terms. Another SEO tip for videos is to add your phone number in the Title as well as the description.

Video marketing is an absolute must when you are looking for free advertising.  Just because it is free, does not mean that it cannot be powerful. We’re talking about a website that is in the top 5 of all sites on the internet.

Take a look at the image below.  I just want to show you that these tips will help your videos to rank higher.

YouTube Channel

When To Link Out To Your Website

There are several reasons why you would want to place a link to your website.  Here are the top 2:

  1. Somewhat obvious, but the top reason is to get more traffic to your site
  2. YouTube has a domain authority of 100.  This is the highest authority that a website can gain, and you will be getting a link back to your website by adding your URL in the description.  I always add mine at the very beginning of the description.

It is important to note that although domain authority is important, page authority is just as important.  With that said, when you create a new YouTube Channel, your page authority will be 1, so you want to increase that number which will help your videos to rank better.

Adding Annotations To Your Video

Some of the tools available in your Creator Studio for your YouTube channel are helpful when you want to add notes or the like inside the video.  Have you ever watched a YouTube video and found a link to a website inside of the video?  That was done using annotations and spotlights.  Great way to keep your visitors engaged, and get them to follow through to your website. Remember, that a good call to action will force your visitor to click.  Tell them what to do.  You might say “click here”, or “visit our site now”, and add your URL to make the link clickable.

Take a look at a YouTube account that is using annotations.  You can visit the Akron SEO channel for tips.

How Long Should I Make My Video?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  Just keep in mind that most people do not want to sit through a 10 or 15 minute video.  Again, think about television commercials.  They are about 30 seconds long.  You may want to make your video 1-2 minutes long simply because it may help with the rankings, but unless it is absolutely necessary, I would not go any longer than that.

Always try to leave something out, such as the answer to a question, and make this content available on your website.  This will encourage the viewer to click on your website link to find the answer.

I hope this article helped you to better understand they why’s and how’s of video marketing.  To get a better understanding, visit the pages of Akron SEO such as the Akron SEO Yelp page and their Twitter page.






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