Benefits Of Vaping

traditional cigarettes vs. e cigsSo you have finally decided to quit smoking to improve your health? When you get to that point, you think it might not be as difficult as you imagined.

However, if you enjoy smoking, you may not be able to do this overnight. E-cigarettes may  make it easier for you to stop your smoking habit.

Though vaping may not stop your nicotine addiction, it’s a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

If you are new to vaping, you can may find this article helpful.  It explains more about e cigarette liquid, also known as e cig juice. There are many brands and flavors, so it should not be difficult to find several that you enjoy.

I think that is the fun part of e cigs.  You can change up the flavor, unlike your regular cigarette.

The 5 Benefits Of Vaping

The first benefit of vaping is that it is a much cleaner alternative to smoking. It gives the same feeling as smoking as its delivery process is quite the same but is a clean alternative.

You can thus go vaping both outdoors and indoors at home and office with the company’s agreement. There’s no worry about people around you inhaling second-hand smoke or about the smoke smell sticking to your clothes or others’ clothes.

The second benefit is that it is a much healthier option than smoking traditional cigarettes. While it takes your body and blood pressure some time to get used to this form of delivery, you notice that you don’t have the same desire for cigarettes. You find your lungs clearing after the first day and a gradual improvement in your sense of smell and taste.

The increased capacity of your lungs leads to increased energy levels and you notice that you no longer cough or wheeze. There is also a marked improvement in your skin and health within a year’s time. Vaping has been said to allegedly reduce your chances of heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke.

The third benefit is that it is a much cheaper option than buying traditional cigarettes; so it helps you save money. A pack of good quality cigarettes costs anywhere between $7 and $12, so smokers smoking a pack a day end up spending more than $300 a month on cigarettes.

However while the starter electronic cigarette kit may be a bit expensive, its monthly expenses are practically half the amount of what you would spend on traditional cigarettes. You just have to spend on cartomizers and batteries and the amount depends on how much you vape.

The fourth benefit is that you get your nicotine hit without inhaling the tar, carbon monoxide and other more than 4,000 cancer causing carcinogens found in cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, your nicotine is delivered to you in a water vapor sans any tar, smoke, chemicals or toxins. The absence of all this makes you smell better while you vape.

Nicotine Level
The fifth benefit of vaping is that you get to regulate the strength of nicotine you inhale. If required, you can even taper down to 0% nicotine vaping! There are four main ingredients in e-liquid- Propylene Glycol which is a common food additive, Vegetable Glycerin which is a thick, sweet vegetable oil, nicotine which is an addictive liquid derived from tobacco plants and the same flavoring used in everyday food.

As e-liquids are available without nicotine and in various strengths of nicotine, you can easily wean yourself from the addiction without going through withdrawal symptoms.

Of course, it’s not suggested that vaping is good for you and that a non-smoker should start it. Its benefits are more pronounced and related to smokers as it is a better option than smoking traditional cigarettes.

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